Friday, April 4, 2008

In My Dreams

So far, this morning, I've relocated a small bee swarm from one friend's yard into another friend's yard -- from which a hive of bees absconded for reasons I don't understand, have emptied the dishwasher, made two breakfasts, ate one, had three cups of tea, roused five children (mine plus a buddy), read two newspapers -- but not the sports sections -- showered, peeked at the chicks, brushed my teeth, sent children to brush their teeth, read some blogs, gathered some books for schoolwork, and now I'm pausing to do this.

But the very first thing I did this morning, according to my dreaming self? Well, I went to church at the church I grew up going to, where George Bush was preaching. Suddenly, he launched into Neil Young's "Southern Man," in an attempt to use the song to justify the war. This disgusted me, but what was more important at that moment was that my twin biracial sons were acting up. I think they were about 3, and I was trying to keep them quiet in church. So the three of us wandered to a back staircase, behind the choir loft, and found that half of the church wasn't being vacuumed regularly. Horrors!

Then I had an interesting conversation with my sister and a Nobel Laureate who happened to be hanging out on this unvacuumed staircase, and then I woke up. Whew! That's probably more work than I'm really up for. I deliberately don't try to figure out where these dreams come from usually. I just enjoy them. But I am NOT enjoying having the song -- in George Bush's voice, no less -- stuck in my head this morning.

One thing I did not do this morning was knit (yet). Yesterday I managed a few rows, including ripping and redoing three or so. I can mostly knit and talk, but not without casualties. Just for Allison, here is Almost Two Diamonds (out of five) Done!

Now I'm going to go buy milk and yogurt and then work out. More schoolwork and some sweeping somewhere in between. And I'm supposed to make a prioritized list of the "around the house" chores for the weekend. Thing 2 and I are going to unstick the sink she's clogged up with pistachio shells. I do not ask, I only respond.


suzee said...

They're just lovely, those diamonds. And having seen them in person, I can say they're even loverlier that way.

I don't know, nothing in your dream seems that implausible to me...except you usually go to church on Sunday.

String Bean said...

That sweater is going to be gorgeous. I hope it's for you.

I had a similarly wacky dream about my dad and various other relatives. Quite strange. Although, I'd like to think I interpreted it correctly.

Get knitting and spinning! :D

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, gosh, you're busy. Yikes! Makes me need a nap just to read all that. And that's not counting your dream activities :)

Thank you for the picture! I feel very special now. It looks lovely. I adore that green, one of my favorite colors.

Katherine said...

Wow. I feel like I don't get that much done in a week. I don't ever remember the last time I read a whole newspaper (except the sports section, of course).

I've been having some vivid and strange dreams lately too - perhaps it comes with spring and having the windows open? Who knows. But at least George Bush is staying out of mine.

cpurl17 said...

I have vivid and strange dreams all the time. Fortunately they've been Bush free.

The coat is looking good!

cpurl17 said...

I'm back.

Last night I dreamed I was very tired and needed to clean my house but instead I went out and ended up at yarn shop. Except it wasn't a yarn shop--it was a needlework classroom run by two older women who served me hot tea. Even though I was very tired and needed to go home and clean my house, I decided to stay and embroider. During the entire dream I kept thinking I must get home so I can report this on Step's blog.

(Yes, I'm the Queen of Procrastination)

meg said...

Sometimes, it's best not to know the reasons why- just enjoy the randomness of it all.
Jacket is looking good; very informative info about freezing eggs; take some time to put up your feet- okay?