Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Although he had a council meeting until after 2am last night, The Mister got up and ran with me this morning. We did about 1 3/4 miles at an easy pace, then went to the local java joint for a cup of liquid wake-up for him. After we got home, we both stretched a bit then sat on the porch steps and read the paper while the (now well awake) children frolicked around us.

A news item caught my eye: "Fire yields pot plants," about how the Oakland fire department responded to a blaze and found that there were about 150 marijuana plants under (badly wired, one assumes) grow lights which had sparked the blaze.

I showed this to Eric: "One of them was treated for smoke inhalation," and he said, "Yes, treated with brownies and lemonade and released at the scene."

Cracked me up. Even tired and sweaty, he makes me laugh.

And now, with my babies all at home despite a delayed flight, I can settle into the normal summer routine of frantic amounts of work and lessons and social shuttling. Thank goodness for running!

And. . . I'm wearing a pair of Very Nice Socks.


allisonmariecat said...

Tell Eric he cracked me up today! Brownies and lemonade, hee!

Robin said...

Too funny on the smoke inhalation comment...sounds like something Jim would say!

suzee said...

Thanks again for the ride today! Huge help.

Show us the sox!