Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Word to the, well, not so wise

Note to self: When you're running around, making bread, hanging out a load of laundry, doing another load, picking up, and getting ready to make jam with your sister this time, maybe it's not such a good idea to push the wire-surrounded clothes hamper with one foot while also putting more than half your body weight on that foot.

Trying to pull out the stuck foot while hopping off balancedly on the other foot was both painful and funny. The only person who would have utterly understood and also found it funny is my sister, because she does things like this too.

She just said to me, "It's a wonder we have even survived to reproduce. Maybe that's why the birth thing is so easy."


Delana said...

Ok, I'm giggling over here at the visual you just gave. I can relate to situations like that. Just last week I had one of them myself. A spider (eek!!)decided to crawl up the bedskirt right towards me. I am petrified of spiders and hubby says he's never seen me move so quick, as I jumped upright and literally ran lickety split across the bed, twisted my ankle, fell off his side of the bed and smashed into the dresser. I am still sporting a bruise on my right upper arm that strangely resembles the knobs on the dresser drawers. Worst part is, hubby was so worried about the condition I might be in that he lost the spider and I got no sleep that night worrying that it might be crawling around in the sheets with me!

allisonmariecat said...

It's like a Three Stooges routine over here sometimes, too :)