Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden Soundtrack

Most days, the garden is a haven of peace. I can hear the chickens clucking, the bees buzzing, the distant traffic, sometimes the sound of a piano being played inside, but it's pretty quiet, relatively speaking.

Then there are mornings like this one, when I'm wearing portable music. It was as though someone from a movie had made up the list -- Bonnie Raitt's "Angel from Montgomery," to remind me that I'm going to get old, but dreams go on and on; the mystic musings of The Waterboys, because soil and water and sun make magic that can be approached but not ever mastered; the screaming political Irish speed punk of Flogging Molly, a call to activism, and I certainly count growing food and reusing water as activist acts, albeit quiet ones; and finishing up, U2's "Wild Honey," that paean to desire and sweetness.

And I danced wildly past the beans and tomatoes, twirled around the zinnias, and air-guitared by the basil, and reflected that quiet and peace have their place, but so do pounding pulsing beats.

I send you flowers
Could flowers thaw you heart
I know your garden is full
But is there sweetness at all . . .


Toni said...

: )

I love to listen to my ipod as I work in the garden too!

Stefaneener said...

I realized that I should have mentioned Savage Garden too : )

I do so much dancing, the chores are in danger of being neglected. Thanks for stopping by!

Esperanza said...

I love the Stefani garden soundtrack! Who would have thought. I tend to catch up on my podcasts- This American Life; Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and the Dan Savage Lovecast.

Kristin said...

I think it would have been pretty funny to have been your neighbor watching you dance all over your yard.