Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little busier now

We may have lost our minds. There's not a whole lot of spare time hanging around here, but any we have lying about just got taken up.

Out of this seething mass of puppies (three of the litter's ten):

We brought home this as-yet-unnamed little girl.

She's spending a lot of time asleep, but still in that baby period where we all get up multiple times a night. Oh joy. The assumptions are that one, she'll eventually sleep through the night, and two, she and Mikey will become fast friends. They're getting along fine now, it's just hard to play when one of you is ten times the size of the other and the other is wobbly on her pins.

Sweet days. I haven't had a puppy since I was five, and the kids are pretty besotted. Yawn.


Annie*s Granny said...

See, that's what's so nice about grandpuppies. I can love them to pieces, spoil them rotten, then send them home to sleep and poop, the two things they do best!

She's adorable! Isn't puppy breath delightful?

Ribbit said...

How cute! She's adorable.

kitsapFG said...

She is just darling. I would be besotted too. :D

Erin said...

First the Berner, now the Aussie, we are kindred spirits LOL! Enjoy, looks like so much fun!

michele said...

Lovely puppies but yes they can be lots of work when that young. We have a 9 month old puppy.