Sunday, September 4, 2011

Proof in the peppers

My father in law is nursing along his own "Padron" peppers, and I was telling him how well my overwintered pepper plant is doing. He expressed amazement at its height, so I figured I'd actually take pictures just to show how very big it is. I hear that in places where peppers grow naturally, they get much much much bigger, but this one has a stem that's about 1 1/2" in diameter, so it's really put on some growth since last year. I wonder if I can get it through another one?

No worries, though. I bought hormone rooting powder and plan to take and root cuttings to keep indoors for the winter. I'm going to have Padrons coming out my ears next spring. Maybe I should do that with the bell peppers too.

I'm holding a small bowl with one day's pickings at about 12" high. The whole thing is maybe four feet tall? Nice pepper, anyhow.

The rest of the garden is pretty much on the "hell in a handbasket" route. I could be gearing up for four-season gardening, but instead I'm reeling from the beginning of my classes I teach and a ramped-up homeschooling approach. I'm sure that it will all smooth out in the long run. Meanwhile, beds lay fallow.


Peggi said...

I went out to the garden today and looked around and thought "That pepper plant looks different, didn't it have a lot more peppers on it?" The dogs strike again, about half of the peppers are nowhere to be found. AGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Stefaneener said...

Peggi, oh NO! So far, our dog specializes in strawberries, but the tomatoes are surely next up. Bad dogs!

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