Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April overview

This is post #2 today. Not fair to put this many pictures and the videos in the first up in one post, methinks. Speaking of which -- can anyone SEE the videos in the earlier post??

Garden overview -- from left to right, which is west to east from the house, and then south to north.

First bed has pole beans and bush beans, and still needs yellow wax beans and Romano bush beans. Must go buy some seeds. . . and something is already eating the babies. Must buy more snail and slug stuff.

Bed of brassicas going by and ruby chard volunteering. If I knew what was supposed to go there, I'd plant it. Guess that's why I should look at the pictures.

Kale, the indispensable vegetable. I'm going to start a flat of that inside, because in six weeks, there's going to be more room somewhere!

Brassicas flowering (I'm going to put up a sign about allowing that for the bees, and maybe something about how/why/when to save seeds -- this is not the method!) and some lettuce. This bed is almost done and therefore open.
Spinach and some space. Back to the drawing board! I think it's winter and summer squash slated for this spot.

Bed full of onions. My onions are making thick necks, and I think they're all as done as they're going to be. Especially the cippolini. I'm going to harvest and chop and freeze, I think. But after the tour.

The crowded apiary. The one to go is third from the front on the right hand side.

Transplanted persimmon tree. Seems we hit the rain perfectly and it's settled in. Red clover as a cover crop underneath.

Volunteer sunflowers with lacy leaves:

 And eek! There's something wrong with the Anna apple tree. Ideas?

The asparagus jungle:

Fava beans left too long for a cover crop but it's the way it goes. Hairy vetch underneath:

Tristar strawberries -- hoping to increase to another bed this summer, but they seem slow-starting to me.

The cucumber bed, with maybe six varieties and trellises:

Hot and Padron peppers in this bed. Each pepper has either a commercial cone-shaped wire cage or a trio of poles stuck straight in. I figure I can wind twine around if they need actual caging. Otherwise, they are sort of "hugged" in place.

Looking up the long bed on the east, black popcorn in the front, tomatoes in the back. I'm using the long running fences as cages again.

Back half of the garden, behind the tomatoes -- artichokes and some oregano that won't stop coming. Need to make more spaghetti sauce, I guess! I bought three more artichokes today to fill that bed in.

Empty beds along the east fence. I'm thinking bell peppers or squash. Can't quite decide. Back to the drawings.

This is technically Ellie's bed. I was hoping to have it full of flowers by now, but my zinnias and sunflowers and breadseed poppies weren't terribly cooperative. I may go to a nursery and seek out flowers. There is a very happy clump of Lemon Balm in this bed.

And that's it. I had hoped to have more art in the garden before Saturday, but it's mulched and I still have quite a bit to do, so art may have to wait another year. Copper words, a mural. .  . something.


Annie*s Granny said...

Oooooh...beds that are bursting with goodies! Looking so neat, yet lush. I love the overhead shots, makes me want to climb up on my roof with a camera. On second thought.....maybe not ;-)

Stefaneener said...

I can easily imagine you doing that. Aren't you going to have to to pick your pole beans?

Annie*s Granny said...

Yes, but I'll try to keep them running atop the 6' fence where I can reach them. I've always grown them on the kennel chain link before, and never had to get a ladder out to pick them.

Ayse said...

The garden looks gorgeous. Some day I will figure out how to not kill cucumbers.

Daphne Gould said...

Lovely. It looks like it is ready for the tour. How large is the garden? What is the square footage of the raised beds?

Unknown said...

I love the overhead shots too. Everything looks so neat and organized. And YES, must find room for Kale!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that left my fava crop in too long as a cover crop. Oh well, worst case scenario...beans! ;) Your garden looks so tidy and organized. We've been so hectic here lately that my vegetable garden desperately needs a spruce up!

Unknown said...

Your garden looks fantastic! I threw in some fava beans for the first time this year and have loved the greenery, flowers, and now the beans! When you use them as a cover crop, when do you plow them under?

Erin said...

Your garden is looking amazing and full of promise! I love all the pathways and lack of grass!

Stefaneener said...

Granny, I remember something over a roof. A tomato? I must be confused.

Ayse, of course you will. Right after I get a real basil crop. Thanks for the atta girl.

Daphne, the bed amount is somewhere near 540sf. The whole yard back there is about 1600 square feet, I think. Maybe that includes the patio. Enough, except I'm already running out of room.

GrafixMuse, the straight lines and mulch really help. I work best in that sort of design.

CVS -- I'm not such a fan of favas! But they will be nice. Do you think flowers are too late to turn under? How does one manually turn under a 3' tall fava bean plant anyhow?

Unknown person, hi. I've always read that you have to turn them under before they flower to mix the maximum amount of nitrogen. I don't know why. . .

Erin, thank you thank you. We can't do grass here without irrigation. Therefore, paths. No grass! (I did put a "lawn" along the side for cartwheels, but it's early days yet.)

Annie*s Granny said...

Yes, it was cherry tomatoes. Both sides of the patio and against the shed....had to use the ladder to pick them! I also need to talk son John into cleaning the pine needles off of our roof. Hopefully he'll do it with camera in hand!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Found you via Annie. Wouldn't I love to wander through your gardens! I hope your garden tour goes well. Raining here today. Is that a Haas Watering can or what kind do you recommend. I am frustrated trying to find one that sprinkles and the water doesn't gush out! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

Estyn said...

Fantastic garden!!