Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now there are five

The other crowded hive swarmed yesterday while I was transplanting cucumbers. This time, I took some video and so did Cat. Unfortunately, the video that was terminated when I discovered a bee inside my veil wouldn't load, so you don't get that pleasure! I had forgotten to zip my hood. Not a mistake I make often!

Here's the first one, after I ran around and found empty frames and a box to entice them into:

Then I did the bucket trick. I had already dumped one load, from the bottom branch, and then waited for a clump to re-form. I also wasn't wearing a bee glove on one hand, and hey, presto, pushed one bee hard enough for her to nab my finger at the end. See if you can tell how calm and collected I am!! This is one reason I almost always fully suit up, although I am impressed at the bare-handed and short-sleeved keepers among us. It's just not me. You can see how sweetly they just flow into the box -- I bet they follow the same kind of form that something like molasses would. Nature seems to enjoy these tricks.

I'm trying to get rid of this swarm's mother hive. It's all on medium frames, and I am not comfortable managing that hive. I think it's going to get done before this weekend, which would be nice. Today I have to find time to assemble some wax-strip frames to make more room in the four hives I have remaining! Maybe I can then, like Kristin, remember to prevent swarming and have hives to give away or sell instead. Four is really the maximum I think I can fit in my yard.

The whole garden is looking well enough that I'm not panicked about the Bay-Friendly Garden Tour. Yet.

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GP @ ABloominBlog said...

You are so brave to work with the bees! I know they're necessary but stinging insects and I do not mix.