Friday, April 12, 2013

The long and the short of it

It has been a crazy-busy week, with no end in sight. The pole beans are growing and stretching. I'm having to water already, as it's been hot and windy here. Sucks the moisture right out of everything. Despite some of the baby beans being nibbled by something slug or caterpillar like, they are all looking pretty good. I probably ought to reseed some of the bush beans, as there are gaps. Gaps are pointless and need filling.

Ultimate Frisbee continues apace. I've had the great good fortune to find a twice weekly pickup game for adults that's made me very very happy. I'm not a great player, but it's so much fun to play that it makes running feel like child's play. I'm looking for more playing opportunities and playing catch with anyone who will play with me. 

One of my favorite catch partners is my long-haired nephew. Denise's kid is a good Ultimate player, but more than his skill level, his interest in and commitment to the game is pretty intense. He's always had interests like this, as I recall, from trains to cars to computer games. . . fortunately, this is one interest that I share. We can talk together as we throw in ways we haven't been able to before.

Ellie continues to develop as a player. She made great contributions to the middle school team, and I believe will continue to be a force on the field. Plus, it's just fun to watch her play.

Some pruning was in order outside of the garden, also. I'm enjoying my cropped locks.

The last time I had hair this short, Eric's was long enough to put into a ponytail.


Michelle said...

I like the pruning job. :) I'm a happy convert to short locks myself. Your hair is long in comparison to mine though...

Daphne Gould said...

I wish I could cut my hair short, but I look terrible in really short hair. I'm thinking I should try a bob though.

Stefaneener said...

Michelle, how about a comparison shot? Speaking of pruning, I'm seeing all the places I mis-clipped, tree-wise. Oh well.

Daphne, that's what I feared. A bob is pretty universally flattering, though.