Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting ready

 Don't know about you, but lists rule my life. They help me and hopefully the rest of my family know what's expected. Of course, I can't resist joking on public lists.

Sarafina was so agog at my bad jokes that she took a picture, which launched today's post.

Of course, having a list and expecting everyone to help doesn't magically make children into cooperative little beings. I went downstairs to see how the basement picking up was going. There were some items picked up, but not necessarily in a way to make the room cleaner.

They insisted he wanted to do this. I assume it's true.+
The last bits of Halloween decoration were just hanging around. I certainly couldn't reach them, but that's why we have tall family members. One, two, three, and she did a wonderful job.

With a lot of help from Kevin, Eric, and eventually the children, the list went red. There were even jobs not on the original list which got done (I'm looking at you, front edges of mulch!)

Finally, an overview of the garden. Previous winters actually looked almost as bad, which is reassuring to me. At least a lot of the trash and failing plants are out now, after the work-fest of this week. It's time to pull the tomatoes, and hope that the seeded beds will sprout, rather than be eaten all by birds. And Taz -- well, she's still finding her way in and thinks the back left onion bed is a Very Good place to rest. We may have to up the fence security.


Right now, though, the turkey is in the oven, the last of the morning's four pies is resting on a rack (apple is going in as we're eating today), and I'm taking a quiet moment to sit with Eric in front of a football game. I woke the three younger ones up this morning, asking, "What are you thankful for?" and in a quick rat-a-tat-tat, got "Food!" "Family" "Shelter!"

Those seemed like wonderful places to start, indeed. I am truly grateful.


kitsapFG said...

I love the shape of that room! And your list is excellent. I do exactly the same thing but it is on paper. It is the "Master Turkey Day Plan" and begins a week ahead of time with the tidy ups and organizing items needed for the day. Works great and there is something really satisfying in scratching each one off as you go. I like hosting the day not only because I like to do the cooking - but it forces me to do a thorough deep clean of the house that I might otherwise just keep putting off. :D

Kristin Sherman Olnes said...

I bet all your pies had homemade crust too. I love order but I've strayed away from lists. I'm sure I'll get back to them; they're the best way to go.

It's just that, sometimes it's nice to let go and not try and control everything. But it seems like more work for me when I do so, so I keep at it. Moving and keeping busy and organized keeps me healthy and thinner.