Monday, April 17, 2006

No, I didn't

Of course I didn't finish the sweater, although true to form I probably knit nearly all of a sweater between the trying/ripping back/trying again sequence that seems to be a required portion of any knit project of mine, whether self-designed or from a pattern.

Can I distract you with lovely garden closeups? You're actually fortunate that I didn't title this post "We Got the Beet," because I love puns and gardens, and you know. . . I'm generally pretty sleep-deprived.

This shot makes me feel all full of hope and potential. It doesn't, however, mean that I can knit any faster.

That's probably enough to make your eyes glaze over if you're not a gardener by practice or avocation, and if you are, I've got plenty more. Just email and I'll send you lots and lots.

Oh, thank you all for your wonderful comments about the bees. No secrets have been shared with me so far, but I must confess that I'm getting closer and closer to wanting to call someone and get a hive box and perch it up high on a stake around the chicken coop. . . I must be going mad, really truly mad. They're such a lovely bunch of bees, though, really they are.

Now, as to the little sweater, I have plenty of good excuses about why it's not done, but they don't matter. Fortunately a snotty nose kept the intended wearer home from church on Sunday, and I'll be done soon enough -- if I don't run out of yarn. Notice a theme here? It would have gone faster if I'd either decided to knit it in the round and steeked or decreed that it was a shrug and not a sweater. I'm increasing now that I'm on the body, every few rows or so, to make it flare. So far I've only increased under the arms, but I'm thinking that I might need to add a couple along what would have been the dart lines in the back to make it look more like I'd intended to flare the sweater and less as though I had just lost track of what I was doing. What do you think I should do?

I even forgot to bring it along today, and I had a big chunk of down time that I could have used to knit, while Thing 2 stalked and caught lizards and Thing 1 chortled and crawled around putting oak leaves in her mouth. It was a glorious day, and I barely minded not knitting. We may go back to this regional park for a camping trip -- soon, I hope.


amanda j said...

That is so pretty - the beet and the jumper. Just keep doing what you're doing! I admire your gardening skills. And sorry I didn't comment on your bees, but I did share your photos with my hubby!

String Bean said...

The second picture conveys exactly how I felt this morning. Couldn't pull my head out of the ground, so to speak. So very tired.

I say keep on knitting the sweater without dart lines. The flaring will look charming.

I used to catch blue tailed skinks with my sister in VA. What fun!

Rain said...

The sweater is certainly coming along.

Oooooo get a hive. You'd suit a beekeeper outfit ;) Think of the honey and you could make mead.

sewingsuzee said...

Where'd you get your dirt? Looks nice and mulchy. Maybe I'll dump some compost in a bed and plant some seeds tomorrow, and inaugurate things here! I love that beet top. I love beets!

And yeah, you should have gone with the alt title. *I* would have laughed!

Oh, and...the sweater's nice, too. But I'm so with you on the "it's SPRING! GROW THINGS!" frame of mind.