Thursday, April 27, 2006

Signs of Life

For each of you who sent a nice message about Mack The Good Dog, thank you sincerely. I know that Dar and Suzee both really know what they're talking about, because they have each taken care of him when we've done some rare traveling without his doggy company.

I'm sure that if he could respond, he'd thank Emma and Kristi for their warm thoughts, along with Janis and Lily. And for those of you also who don't know him but spared him a thought, like cat person Allison and b, thanks too.

I know he's feeling a little better today (though still on heavy pain meds) because at dinner time he managed to get off of his living room dog bed, limped to the dining room, and took up his assigned position under Thing 4's high chair. There he did his part by inhaling every grain of rice and blob of refried beans that she was joyfully whisking to the floor. We don't call him the Mackuum cleaner for nothing.

I hope he'll soon be back to his swashbuckling self.


Samantha said...

Awww Mack ... he is so sweet. I hope he recovers soon, and I hope the vet got all the bad stuff. Give him a big ol' puppy dog kiss for me, k? :)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Oh, we're glad he's perking up a little!

amy said...

what a sweet doggie. I didn't wish him well yesterday, sorry, but I was thinking wellness for him. Hey, he's not furring up MY floors, so I'm free to adore him.

I do miss the floor-cleaning.

Rain said...

Oh the poor love, I hope he feels better soon.

jen said...

Ack! I'm falling in a pit of doggie love!

Those beautiful brown eyes and the soft-looking salt and pepper muzzle. That's it. I'm coming over. (If only in my head) And your dog and I? We're going to hug.

Sarah said...

What a sweet face! I hope he is feeling better. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my puppy were sick, so I hope you are hanging in there as well.