Sunday, May 27, 2007

I can't even think of a title

People we know are about to adopt a toddler from Khazakstahn. A lot of the folks who know them are wondering how they're going to manage, because they seem the quintessential people who are fine without a child of their own in their lives. You know what I mean: their house is lovely and filled with meaningful mementos of their interests (all fragile), they require a lot of time alone, the noise that children make makes one of them wince, they have extensive exercise routines. . .

On the other hand, who am I to judge? I don't appreciate it when people look at my less-cared-for house and point out that the stained furniture, peeling wallpaper, and wall of noise are all a result of me having a lot of kids. I don't know why these other folks want or need a little one. I don't have to rear it. This, of course, is fortunate, as my hands are rather full these days.

So as I knit away last night for the shower today, I tried to knit in as many good wishes for them and peace with my own choices for me as I could. As the needles went around and around, I reflected on the ways I go around and around in my own head. I can at least focus on my own path, no matter how it feels like I'm just pulling a Sisyphus some days. Goodness knows, these folks are going to have enough to adjust to in the coming months without people getting in their business.

That doesn't mean I might not enjoy watching some of it. I'm not 100% evolved yet, apparently.

Sorry about the blurriness. It's KnitPicks Main Line and Crystal Palace Breeze, held doubled and knit on #8 needles. I think it's a little shallow, which is the bane of my hat-knitting existence. The book, if you don't know it, is a completely delightful paean to the wonders of and joy that is berry picking. So the hat evokes a blueberry, to me. The yarn is great to work with and I like the feel of it. Maybe if I ever get done with the green thing, I'll knit myself up a ribbed pullover out of the rest of the Main Line in stash!


Heather Madrone said...

I like your too-short hat.

I spent the afternoon with a couple who are adopting a baby who is scheduled to be born by c-section on June 8th. They're also in the middle of moving. She recently quit her job, he's going to nursing school, and things are about as much in transition as they can get.

I think they'll be great parents and I look forward to meeting baby Isaac. I was helping the mom-to-be get ready to be a breastfeeding adoptive mom. She didn't have a doll, and her teddy bear was packed away, so we used an oven mitt as the baby.

bfmomma said...

Ohhhh.... adorable hat and LOVE the book ;)

I often think that I'm so glad we DID have kids early in life (I was 25; he was 26) or else I might have acquired Nice Stuff and developed Need For Sleep and Need For Quiet. :) I'm just now starting to get "nicer" things and I appreciate them so much :)

robin said...

Oh - big subject!!

You pretty much described my life! Need for Sleep and Need for Quiet Time are high on the list. Not so many fragile precious mementos (well, I guess maybe shot glasses and cat figurines from each country we've been qualify) but that's it.

I find it interesting (and refreshing) that you don't have the typical reaction that I see of not understanding why someone wouldn't be courageous enough to embark on the adventure of having kids at this stage but the opposite one.

In your neighbor's case (and others like them) I think it must be an emotional need rather than a strictly logical one. I also think that I would have had to have kids early in life, and if it would have happened then, I would have been fine, but now at 35 and 40 (me and DH) it's pretty remote although still a possibility if lightening struck.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Your post resonated with me.

Charity said...

I always find it interesting to see when and how people choose to have children (or not). Such an amazing, life changing experience, and it can be such a completely different experience for so many people! :0)

Love the hat and book. It's good to hear you like the Mainline, I think I have some in my stash to knit the Rusted Root pattern...

Rain said...

The hat is very cute.

Katherine said...

Heh. I'm about to watch a similar couple go for pregnancy. Lots of alone time; lots of wincing. But I have no problem admitting that I'll enjoy watching the whole thing. (I've been on the receiving end of a few of those winces).

Love the hat; love Jamberry. What a great idea to put them together.