Monday, May 14, 2007

On the Edge

So San Francisco has one edge that faces the Pacific -- the edge of the whole continent, in fact. Recent tide action has revealed some of a clipper ship that ran aground in 1878. So I took three of the Things out there with their cousins to see the ship. We hoped it would look like this:

But instead it was like this:

The kids had more fun sliding down the dunes, but I thought the prow alone was pretty neat. he beach was ridiculously cold, though. Not my idea of a fun time. Give me the bay beaches any day.

Yesterday's spinning lesson was on plying. I'm still not thrilled with the results, but I dutifully plied. I'm still working on setting up my Traditional, and I'm looking forward to learning on that. Spinning is cutting into my knitting time at home (always in short supply anyhow). I don't know how I'm going to get anything done, let alone the sweater I'm two months behind on.

But I did, while out of the house, get this much done on an edging for the green raglan. I have doubts about the fit, doubts about the suitability of this as an edging, but it's not my call at this point. My duty is to knit on, and on, on the edge and beyond.


amy said...

That first spinning looks great! Did you try a drop spindle at all, by the way?

Yea. Spinning does cut into knitting time. Apparently, so does thinking about sewing. I've accomplished 3/4 of a dishcloth in the past week. I wonder how little knitting I'll do when (if) I actually *start* to sew.

amanda j said...

Ah plying. I struggle with it and have not been spinning much lately - I need to get back on the horse. Your knitting looks lovely!

Lara said...

The clipper ship still seems pretty cool to me! Sounds like fun.

Katherine said...

That edging is beautiful! Wow. And your spinning looks great to me (although, again, I know less than nothing about spinning). But it looks soft and fluffy and it's definitely yarn.

What a cool trip to the beach! That would be amazing to see.

Mary G said...

I grew up just up from the beach at 25th/Taravel so I know how COLD that beach can get ... very cool reminder of it - THANKS!

I love the edging and the green is a beautiful shade -- what kind of yarn?

Happy knitting!

Robin said...

Love those first two pictures!!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, the clipper ship adventure sounds awesome, even though it was cold and crowded.

The raglan looks lovely. I really like that green.