Saturday, May 19, 2007

One Without Holes

But not, of course, without lumpy places. This is still my first handspun. The brown yarn is coming along, and the pieces for my Traveller came. I now have an installed drive band, but I need to do something to adjust it. The take-up isn't working correctly, and it's suddenly hard to treadle. Thank goodness class is tomorrow. I can get some expert help. Turns out that through the miracle of ribbing and stockinette, this hat fits me and all the children.

That innocent little face? Last night, Thing 1 stumbled over him and his sister on her way to put the chickens away at 9:15 or so. The chickens had already been put away, thanks to my two middle children, who had climbed out their window with a blanket, two pillows, and handfuls of library books to sleep on the lawn. They had also gathered an impressive array of weaponry, in case raccoons showed up: a couple of pitchforks, some hand sized weights, a trowel or two. . .

They hadn't counted on us carrying them in asleep before the automatic watering system kicked in.



Rain said...

Well you're pushing it if you want me to declare that one a sweater. He looks very cute in it.

What an adventurous pair! Your kids crack me up, they're always up to something.

suzee said...

You produce stunningly beautiful children, you two. What a pair of eyes.

Thanks so much for keeping your friends entertained by being the Mama of those things.

You should, of course, write a blook.

Charity said...

I LOVE hearing about the stuff your innocent faced children get up to. :0) Especially when my own don't read it, and get new ideas.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful boy! Ahem. Handsome. The hat is great too - lumps add charm, do they not?

They climbed out the window?Again? So sweet though to think of books and tools, but not automatic sprinklers.

bfmomma said...

aDORable! (the hand-spun, hand-knit as well as the Thing)


amanda j said...

I'm sure the raccoons would have just sniffed the pitchforks and run of squeaking or whatever it is raccoons do.

How's the spinning?! Why is it so hard?? It's taking all my resolve to keep going at the moment. At least I know things can only get better. The hat looks fantastic!

allisonmariecat said...

I love following the adventures of the Things :) Better than television, your blog is. Much better!