Monday, June 25, 2007

Bts and Bobs

My plan to spend a lazy summer doing nothing but ferrying children and knitting to the lakeshore hasn't yet come to full flower.

Okay, it's probably not going to. Today was the county fair, tomorrow is berry picking, and although my course finishes this week, two more begin next week. But that course session ends with my vacation, and I was reminded today at the fair that the bees are going to begin their slowdown for winter now that the solstice is past.

So maybe there will be balance someday.

Thing 2 is back, and pretty well reintegrated into the family, if sibling bickering and strewn laundry are any measure. She had a fabulous time with the Anything You Want, Dear grandparents, and is now talking about flying to Sweden to visit my brother and his family. I told her that I should probably discuss it with him first.

Her bold nature was on display today at the fair, as she and her brother tackled midway rides that had me alternately shrieking, "Hold ON!" and tactfully looking away to take deep breaths. It was a good if hot day. When I looked at the knitted items, I couldn't figure out a type that the judges liked -- they were all over the map, and our opinions didn't match. Of course, I couldn't handle the things, but I would have given the merino/silk handspun a higher score than the novelty handspun. But that's just me, apparently. My bread won second place, so I'll probably bake again next year. It wasn't the best loaf I've ever done; just what was handy. I think I was distracted while I was baking it.

While the Things rode rides and the babe napped, I did spend a lot of time just sitting around. Did I relax and watch people snarfing down funnel cakes? I did not:

The trim for the finished arm is done, the other one should take an evening, then some ribbing around the neck, and I'll move another one out of "draft" into the "finished" column.

It may be the last wool I knit with for a little bit, though. I have visions of cotton colorwork dancing in my head.


suzee said...

It's so lovely. It's for T1, right? Very her.

You pushed a button: The fair judging is reprehensible (except for the bread group, apparently). Carla and I were talking about it on opening day. They displayed her knitted piece inside out. INSIDE OUT. Hello? And for years you could win an automatic first place in quilting if you included flags. Throw in a "support our soldiers" message, and Best of Show was yours.

Hence there are fewer and fewer entries every year in the craft categories. The walls used to be covered with quilts and beautiful fiber objects. Now there are almost exclusively school art projects. It's sad.

Thanks for taking the now very sticky and tired JMan. He had a blast.

Charity said...

You're so close on that sweater! It always feels so good to get another FO. :0)

cpurl17 said...

The sweater is lovely!

I'll have to go to the fair just to find your bread! :)

How does one actually get an entry in the fair? I've always wondered.

Alisha said...

Love the sweater!!

I love fairs. A few years ago my sister entered my name for jugding my sewing. I was so excited to go to see how I had placed. On the way over my hubby says to me....don't be disappointed if you didn't win there are a lot of little old ladies that sit home and do nothing but sew....too funny. Anyway I got a few 1st and some 2nds, 3rds and 4ths. Another year I won a first prize ribbon for my shortbread. I love that I can say I make prize winning shortbread ~wink~

Rain said...

Oh wow, you're so close to finishing. cotton sounds like a lovely knit for the summer.

Well done with the bread.

bfmomma said...

I have a fearless "thing", too... omg! I use the "can't afford it" tactic to avoid fear-inducing rides ;)

Can't wait for the green sweater to be done... I am rooting for it!

And I used to enter stuff in the fair when I was a kid (from our garden). I have an IRL friend who enters her sewing (she sewed me a nursing swimsuit just for materials cuz she entered it in the fair) all the time. I've never actually done it--with knitting or food or anything. Supposedly there's real money in some of the food categories...


it sounds like a delightful (though hot) time!