Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show and Tell

Not a lot of time or words, but here's some of what I spent my weekend doing:

From left to right, it's either Blue Faced Leicester or Merino (there were 8 of the first and one of the second).

The braid is three different dyes: yellow is fustic, the orange(which I'm calling Golden Retriever) is a mix of fustic, madder, and cochineal, and the red is all cochineal.

Next is the one I just can't keep my hands off. It's silk, painted with the three previous dyes plus some logwood gray. I'm probably not going to rush into spinning that up, because I want both my spinning and knitting skills to rise to meet it. I think it's going to make something very pretty some day.

To the right of that is some wool first dyed with a mix of fustic, madder, and cochineal, then overdyed with indigo.

The green to the right of that is fustic overdyed with indigo. Finally there is wool dyed strongly in cochineal and then dipped into indigo.

There is some plain indigo, both Japanese and Guatemalan, but it's sitting in a bag awaiting acidulation next weekend. Then I'll wash it and dry it. Then I'll show you that!

So that's fun. The colors in the picture are fairly accurate, but it's just not like looking at them. I am enjoying looking at them and I'm hoping to enjoy spinning them too. But first I'm going to have to finish that green sweater, knit "Coachella," and finish spinning the gray Norwegian top. Yeah, right!

And yesterday, I got a package from Jen! Look at this fabulous handspun! The white is merino-silk (like I'm going to knit anything beautiful enough for this!) and the green is Corriedale. She seems to think that I will be more able to actually, you know, knit using it.

I call it "green," but it's got all of these fabulous colors in it. I wonder what it will be when I'm done. Maybe a light vest? I don't know; it's yummy.

That Jen needs some honey. There's no way I'm sending her any handspun soon!


String Bean said...

I love the silk! I can't wait to see it spun up. The wool dipped in cochineal and indigo is stunning.

cpurl17 said...

Wow, that Jen is pretty fabulous!

Your roving turned out great! I forgot about leaving the indigo in the bag for a week and just hung it up to dry so I'm sure it will look bleach when I rinse it.

Oh, and the sock I was knitting? Is now a lump/cat toy.

z's momma said...

You did a fabulous job on the dyeing. And very nice yarn to get sent.

I have total yarn and fiber envy! All of it is gorgeous...

meg said...

Lovely job on the dyeing- it will look awesome spun & knitted (yes, that really is the purpose of all this activity, right?)
I can hardly believe that white merino silk is handspun- looks better then what I pickup up at the LYS.
I've been meaning to tell you that I'm loving that leaf border on the green sweater & it does look pretty nice on the wearer :)

Kristine said...

HI Stefaneener -- it's Kristine from dyeing class. You roving looks great! Has your roving inspired you to bake some edible challah? I miss your honey. I wish I would have eaten more when I had the chance. I can NOT wait to wash out my indigo roving/ yarn and start spinning/knitting. I am working very very hard to restrain myself.

Alisha said...

Your died yarns are the most wonderful colors!!

The "green" yarn is going to make something very nice...I like the idea of a vest!

Katherine said...

Those are amazing colors (love the Golden Retriever). And Jen is a good friend to have. ; ) Those are some beautiful greens.

amy said...

beautiful fiber! What yarn will you use for coachella? I'm considering it but I really don't like a top that shows off my torso when I lift my arms - do you think it would still look ok longer?

How many years do you suppose it would take me to make those knitty bloomers? unmentionables? is that what they were called?

Jennus Interruptus said...

GASP! GASP! (faint)

Your dyeing is beautiful! It's something I've always wanted to do but am too afraid. I especially love the greens. SWOON!

Glad you got the package! It's been your yarn for more than 6 months, and I'm so glad you finally have it now.

meredith d. said...

and i too have coachella on my list of things to knit! i hope every little thing is good with you and yours.

Rain said...

Ohh, nice dye jobs. It will all look stunning when spun.