Monday, March 31, 2008

Lessons Learning

Amazingly, when things are worked on, things get done.

You would think that a lesson like this might have sunk in, oh, at least 30-some years ago, but I continue to be delightfully surprised by its application. So even though I have at least 90 more rows to go before I can start seaming this puppy together, some progress is showing up on the Pearl Buck back. I did, however, discourage myself today when I thought, "Well, I'm able to finish about three or four rows a day, so that means. . . oh, shoot."

An acquaintance the other day said something about how teeny the needles were for this sweater. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I love the fabric that smaller needles make, and while I'll wear (happily!) a sweater I knit on 8s, there's something just right about the drape of a 4 or 5 needle and yummy yarn. So what if I only finish one every birthday or so. Eventually I'll have the sweaters I love.

Until then, I could wear these items:

Bonus points if you recognize the quote on the tank top. Fortunately, my sister and I share the same sense of humor, apparently. She suggested that I could wear it while working out. And, along with that slow-on-the-uptake lesson at the start of this post? I've been making time downstairs to do my new workouts once I realized that regular sustained workouts might actually help me feel my best, not only now, but in the future.

A future which I devoutly hope will contain grandchildren. Grandchildren to dandle, to dance with, and to tell many, many, many outrageous stories to about their parent and their parent's siblings.

I can tell about the way they couldn't keep a toy made of small parts from rolling All Over The Floor Even When Warned To Keep Them In The Box:

Or how well they perfected the "My mother is a dork" smirk:

Or just how freaking cute they were at one point:

At that, I will encourage Thing 4 (in my fantasy, this is taking place at a large family gathering), to do the hula dance that she did for me tonight post-bath, clad in a wrapped-around, tucked-in towel.


NeedleDancer said...

Oh darn.
You mean that exercise stuff has to happen repeatedly? Like regularly???
You're right you know. But it eats my knitting time!
And I too prefer sweaters that came off of 4's and 6's. Though a nice hoodie from the 8's is also good (say... Rogue?)

suzee said...

Oh, I like the DM hoodie even better!

Lovely photos, especially the just so sunny nature of the children and the setting around them.

cpurl17 said...

Those Things are so beautiful, dorky mother and all.

allisonmariecat said...

Such cute Things, even with the Mom-is-a-Dork look!

Ah, I try to never calculate how long it will take me based on x numbers of rows per hour, etc. It's usually discouraging. A friend loved a sweater I had made and wanted to pay for me to knit one for her. That sweater took me a month! I'd have to charge her thousands of dollars to make minimum wage! Anyway, just keep going on Pearl Buck. It will be lovely!

Katherine said...

Love the Mom-is-a-dork smirk! I don't get the tank, but love the robe - I want that show back.

Every once in a while (like right now) I get the urge to knit something on 2s or 3s. Trouble is I like wearing those sweaters, but I love knitting on 7s and 8s.