Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yeah, well, it's MY subconscious

I found out that thin-spun bamboo is nicer than thick, at least in my hands. No pictures yet, though.

Instead, I want to tell you what was cavorting around in my head the other morning. In my dream, I got a package. What was it? Well, it was a missing piece from my spinning wheel, sent to me very thoughtfully by Stephanie Pearl-McFee, also known as the Yarn Harlot. [I have been forgetting key pieces of my wheel in real life when I've tried to go out to spin in public.]

Also in the package was a bunch of paperwork about a spinning retreat and Stephanie was asking me to go. It was a week long, and in the dream my husband said, "Oh, go! The kids and I will be fine!'

Anyone who knows my spouse realizes what a wish-fulfillment dream this is. This would never, ever be his response.

So I flipped through the paperwork and said, "Well, it's $4700."

"You can't go," was his reply.



cpurl17 said...

In my dream, you get to go and your wheel arrives safely with all the necessary parts and nothing happens to family, house or hearth while you are away.

Lara said...

Sad dream!

I would have to say no at that kind of price, too. But in my dream, we both get to go and leave the 8 kids with the two dads for much adventure.

Katherine said...

Oh, I wish you could go. And that I could go with you (although I don't spin, but this isn't happening, so whatever). But $4700 - wow.

A friend's husband sent her to a local hotel overnight for Valentine's Day - just her, her knitting, and a movie. Can you imagine?

NeedleDancer said...

I love your dream!
But I'd like to wake up before the last line...

Eric said...

I am now forced to defend my honor.

May I remind you that I bought you a $30,000 VW Weekender pop-top with extra awning and had it shipped from Texas to fulfill a waking "dream" of yours?

It may take a few years of throwing pennies into the wishing well before it refills.

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, it's the worst when your own subconscious realizes you can't have what you want.

Matt takes Lilah for me sometimes for all afternoon or morning, but I dream sometimes of going away for the weekend and being *by myself.* I never realized how nice being alone can be until I lost the ability!

I have to admit that Eric's response is pretty compelling :)