Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Practice, practice, practice

The bamboo is making me wonder if I can spin at all, really. Such beauty and such a slippery fiber. I'm struggling with any kind of consistency in size. Guess I'll have to. . . practice some more. It's "Chocolate Liquor" from Loop. And I feel as though I'm murdering it.

As you can see, though, it's not just slippery fibers like bamboo and silk that are giving me trouble. Here's another 125 or so yards of the three-ply that's meant to be sock yarn. Better, especially in the plying, but not the kind of thing I'd enter in a fair or anything. Still I hope String Bean enjoys knitting with it some day.


Kate said...

I don't spin (because my house is tiny and picking up another hobby may well be grounds for spousal abuse), so I don't know: once spun, can you unspin and try again, or does the practice have to be on a whole new chunk of roving?

And, ahem, there are people out in the world who don't spin but do knit and would therefore be awed to receive any homespun loveliness - and we would have no idea of any possible imperfections. Just sayin'... ;)

Charity said...

I hear you - you need to practice to get better so you can spin the fibre, but it seems like such a waste to damage the pretty fibre with my spinning. :0) The 3-ply looks pretty good, though!

allisonmariecat said...

I don't know from spinning, so I can't really critique properly. I admit, the first does look a smidge wonky, but the 3-ply looks cool.

Someday, when Lilah is in school and the house is clean and my book is done...then, I will learn to spin. But I can tell I would get obsessed with it, so it's best not to try right now :) I enjoy viewing your spinning progress.

String Bean said...

The sock yarn looks good. You'll get better with more practice. I can't wait to start your socks.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of fiber is the yarn?