Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little bit at a time

About some things I'm pretty patient, willing to wait a really long time; others, not so much. Weird, swinging from "Now, now, now!" to "All in good time. . . breathing, breathing." Hee.

Thing 2 is learning that a hat doesn't grow without patient additions of stitch after stitch -- that just doing it is the key. She keeps showing me the stripes and how they're growing. Now the magic loop isn't as necessary, because it's grown enough to stretch -- both around the needle and around her head.

My commitment to daily spinning (and the consequent patient attendance for each Things' piano practice) leaves me only six or so inches of roving left. . . on the first half. Almost a full bobbin of laceweight singles.

I figure by November I'll be plying something that's going to add up to light fingering weight yarn. I'm looking forward to putting something different on the wheel. Alpaca, maybe? Or bamboo/wool mixed. So many beauties to choose from.

It appears that the Ravelry magic has come through. By importuning everyone who had that orange tweed in their stash (some of whom hadn't intended to sell), I've gotten enough to get the sweater done. Once it shows up, of course.

Patience, patience.

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allisonmariecat said...

Oh, what a cute picture of the hat-in-progress and its knitter.

I'm getting the hang of the "little bit at a time" thing, I think. I can see progress in a number of areas now. I just have to get used to the slow but steady pace.

Lovely yarn-to-be. It looks like clouds.