Monday, September 8, 2008

On Fire

That's what Eric says whenever I say I'm hot -- "You're on fire, baby."
Nyuk nyuk.

I took only Thing 2 to The Crucible on Saturday, because she was the only available and interested child. And I only got pictures after my camera-toting sister showed up with her Things too, because I could only remember to go, not to record.

As we got there, a dance troupe was performing. Young women moving to throbbing drums, their bodies as sinuous as molten glass. No pictures, but really, without the vibration of the drums pounding through your body, it wouldn't be the same.

We watched a glassworker change a block of layered glass into a cone of layered glass in the kiln -- it reminded me of how I carefully turn my marshmallows around in the glow of campfires so they'll brown evenly and also stay on the stick. We tried to watch some welding, but it was difficult and we couldn't hear what the artist was saying (those drums). So we wandered upstairs.

The space is a huge industrial warehouse, with sort of alcoves for different arts, such as woodworking, neon, blacksmithing. I really thought of all my children, this is the one who will want to take classes here. Fortunately, she's old enough to now.

Maybe she's on fire, too.

After watching the fire eaters, and hearing that they offered a one-day fire eating workshop, her eyes simply glowed. I had to tell her that she had to wait on that one.


Katherine said...

That's fantastic (although at first I was thinking a movie about witches). Did she have a second choice, after fire-eating?

suzee said...

This is weird - I normally go on and on about how your children look so much like you, or each other.

She is starting to look to me exactly, spittin' image, like Robin Maclay's youngest daughter, Ramona.


I think her adventures in life will delight us all, for a long time to come. We all need to know interesting and enthusiastic people whom we can live vicariously through.

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, God, fire-eating??? And I thought I had my hands full with Lilah as a climbing toddler...

patricia said...

If her eyes glow at the thought of eating fire, think what they'll look like when she has fire in her mouth!