Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seasonal Fun

It's, according to my eldest, the near highlight of the whole kid year! And I do love Halloween, if only because one night of the year, nearly all homes are available and welcoming to my children, even if they're welcomed with corn syrup and artificial flavors, mostly.

I love the pre-ritual pictures, especially since it's so much fun trying to get four children to all perform the proper face at once.

"Can you make your mouth smile?" I said:

I miss getting to see my eldest in costume. Nowadays, three years out of four, I get pictures of her emailed from the household that she actually launched her evening from. I didn't even run into her and her band of compatriots all night, even though the rain kept down the crowds somewhat.

We finally got the littlest one to pose nicely for the camera. By then everyone else had moved on. I wonder how many times in her life it's going to feel like this.

No trick-or-treaters were harmed in the making of the following pumpkin. At least, I don't think so.

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turtlegirl76 said...

You know, if you were handy with photoshop there's a great portrait in there between all those pics!

suzee said...

I like the series of photos, actually. More real life.

The pumpkin is GREAT. Better than our barfer, even. We may have to steal that for next year.

Great to see you yesterday!

Katherine said...

I like the series of pictures too, especially since that's the sort of pictures I end up with. Love the tiger checking out the pout.

Morenna said...

Awesome pumpkin!

I sympathize with you on the group photo. I have a hard enough time getting adults to coordinate smiling and blinking, nevermind kids.

Spider said...

I carved that pumpkin!

allisonmariecat said...

Ha! Love the carnivorous pumpkin.

I have enough trouble getting just the one child to pose for a picture. I'm impressed that you did that well with all four :)

Yarn It said...

Your kids are too cute. That pumpkin is so funny - what a great idea!