Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes I remember things

Like to look up when the Mayor's tree lighting ceremony will be held in our town. I haven't missed it -- it's next Saturday! That reminded me of the free "ice" skating the City sponsors -- a synthetic rink and much silliness. But you have to sign up for time slots, of all things.

So now we're registered -- and between the skating and the tree lighting I bet I could be persuaded to buy my kids hot cocoa at Peet's (since we will have an hour and a half to wait. I wasn't organized enough to sign us up early enough to get it done right before the tree lighting). Eric will probably be really happy to skip it, as crowds of people feeling very happy that they live in a small town isn't his thing.

Hopefully I'll have just as good luck when I sign on tomorrow to get the homeschoolers a camping site for next spring. I don' think I'm really responsible enough for these things.


suzee said...

He'd rather do Oakland's tree lighting?

I'm just sayin'.

And look! No photos, but a comment.

allisonmariecat said...

Hee! We have a small-town, cookie exchange/tree lighting/multicultural pageant-y thing, and I LOVE it! Cocoa and the tree lighting sound lovely.

Katherine said...

It all sounds so nice. Especially when I imagine that you aren't freezing your toes off while doing it.