Monday, December 1, 2008

Okay, I get it

No pictures = no comments. Fine, fine, as my children might say.

So there's knitting happening. Seemed like if you're a terribly active kid -- he's crawling around the house when he's not hopping everywhere -- that sitting and knitting might actually help the jitters you get from being sidelined.

I'm just happy he didn't break his neck. I'm starting to worry about his big sisters. Think they can actually fly?

He's terribly proud of his work, and has promised scarves for presents. Smart kid -- he hasn't identified a gift-giving occasion, just that he'll make gifts.

The adorable kitten has all he can do to not attack the ends of Thing 3's knitting needles. It's best to wait until he's asleep to knit.

I think the boy promised me a sweater.

But I'm going to have a sweater soon enough. Once I put aside those troublesome mitts and the Deep Breath sweater and picked up my Kauni, I've been knitting like someone with her mojo back.

Doesn't take very much to amuse me. I knit round and round, and say, "Ooooooh, look, it's blue now! and orange! Wonder when it will turn yellow?" I'm ashamed to say how many errors I've made in the very simple pattern. I'll be knitting along, and look down, and in the middle of a solid row, there will be one stitch out of place. What?? How does this happen? I think I'm paying attention, I'm holding the yarn in different hands, and yet, random different color. Uniquely unable to manage life, that's my real skill.

So I drop stitches down and redo.

This morning, the cardigan-to-be visited the lemon tree.

And the getting-bigger Fuji apples.

It was overcast -- still is -- but the colors just glow. I could spend all of the time I should be grading papers or sweeping or, dare I say, knitting time just gazing into these color changes, but I'm impatient to see what will come next. Will the colors continue to make enough contrast without blinding anyone?

And yes, I did go with serendipity. Seems to be working so far.

My doctor listened to my chest today, and started laughing when he asked me to take a deep breath and instead I gave him a concert in cough minor. He wrote a nice prescription for me for some antibiotics, gave me an inhaler because I sounded wheezy to him and then sent me off to buy some over the counter sinus medication. I think that was because I told him my teeth ached when I went up and down stairs. I'm hoping to feel better very soon, because I have to keep up with this sort of stuff all day long:

I think I'll take pills and lie on the couch and knit.


Jodi said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! It's awesome that Thing 3 is knitting.

Charity said...

Yuck - I hope you recover quickly! You need your energy! :0)

That Kauni is so lovely - you say you don't get much knitting done, but what you do is sooo nice!

turtlegirl76 said...

The sweater looks amazing!

Tamami said...

Oh hey, with or without photos, I get no comments! You are the only one (thanks!)
Feel better soon.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos. And I felt it...the first pang of knitting envy.

cpurl17 said...

For a few seconds I thought the last photo was the work of Thing 3. Man that kid learns fast!

allisonmariecat said...

Rats, I always comment in order. If I'd read this one first, I would have skipped commenting on the picture-free one :)

Gorgeous Kauni, adorable Things and kitty. I love the knitted gift promises...very smart not to specify, that way you'll be delighted to receive a sweater on your 75th birthday :)

patricia said...

Maybe the lack of comments aren't due to lack of pictures, but to lack of time to read blogs during busy holidays. That's my excuse.

Oh my gosh, that cardigan is a stunner. Wow, I gotta try me some of that yarn. Color changes=incentive to keep knitting!

I can't wait to show Mr T the photo of Thing 3 knitting, I was just thinking it was about time I taught him...

Katherine said...

The sweater is beautiful - I'm glad to hear that you've found your mojo! I'm doing one of those striped Noro scarves and it's the same sort of surprise (although much much easier). Love the picture of Thing 3 - his expression is adorable - I must show it to Liam.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I have been wanting to buy some kauni very nice:)Hugs Darcy