Friday, July 3, 2009

Boring, with exciting mistakes

This is how far I've gotten in my new sweater project. Miles and miles and miles of 3 by 3 ribbing. It's the bottom portion of a seamless saddle shoulder sweater I'm working up. I think I'll block it so it's not the completely body-conscious shape it fits as now, but still slim. Araucania Nature Wool, in the gray multi that the hood for the little elf green sweater was knit with. Size 6 needles, and occasionally I'm finding a purl stitch at the end of the knit part. There's one right about the middle of the sweater. Fixing those with crochet hooks is about as exciting as it's gonna get for a good number of rows more.

Another race tomorrow morning before the small town parade, then Sunday is the cheesecake competition at the county fair. I get to find out about my rainbow sweater and bread and jam without having to deal with the kids, because Eric's going to keep them at home (thank you!!). As I said, I don't expect to win, but it's fun to see them there.


Caffeine Girl said...

Good luck tomorrow!

(And it is nice to sneak off without the kids sometimes!)

Charity said...

I find knitting ribbing mindnumbing, but it looks great at the end! Love Nature Wool - such a nice yarn.

Good luck tomorrow - enjoy your kid free time!

Ruby Louise said...

So, how did the fair go? Hope you had a great day out and about sans kids.

Susan said...

So how was the fair? Congratulations on the new project! Evelyn finished one sleeve of her sweater yesterday!