Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The check is in the

. . . not the mail, but my sister's hands.

Denise sweetly went all the way out to the fair to claim our goods. She picked up a sweater, a skein of yarn, and some marmalade for me, in addition to her award-winning jam. There were envelopes with our prizewinning ribbons in them.

And. . . checks! Apparently the powers that be aggregate your winnings and cut one check. So that sunflower bread? I won $10 . . . in addition to the free tickets and such. A nice bit of fun, that.

The sweater got $10 also -- whee! As Turltlegirl pointed out, they don't seem to care that the wondrous colors are the responsibility of the dyer, not the knitter. They did say my stitches were nice and even, though. And not a word about the horrifying seams.

I'm just delighted with it all. It seems like one of the most fun things to do in a summer.

The other one is picking blackberries, and lo how the season is upon us. In my refrigerator rests a bowl of macerating fruit, to put into jam tomorrow, and in the oven rests a blackberry silk pie -- seedless puree plus a custard. I'm already thinking of how I can alter this for future attempts. I've never felt that I had enough berries to cast away the leftover pulp, but this year? More berries than I think I've ever seen.

I have almost every day picking plans, in addition to dealing with my ongoing fascination with the idea of a harvest hovercraft and/or elastic arms. Today I realized how lucky I am to be picking fat, luscious berries without the humidity I associated with picking as a child -- Tennessee was the only place I knew you could go and pick. While we possibly could have found them in Southern California, no one I knew did that sort of thing. I'm hugely grateful to be that sort of person and to have the berries to indulge her.


String Bean said...

Congrats on the cash prizes! Nothing like a little green to make your day.

Western Washington has amazing blackberries all summer long, but this year I haven't picked a single one. Maybe I should before they're all picked over.

Blackberry silk pie sounds luscious. You wouldn't be willing to share the recipe by any chance... ?

Ruby Louise said...

Yay blackberries! This year wasn't quite as prolific as last year in my bramble patch, but I still have two gallons of berries in the freezer. Yummy!!

Congrats on your triumphs at the fair! Will you enter again next year?

esperanza said...

That pie sounds so great!! Recipe?

allisonmariecat said...

Fantastic fair prizes! I loved "best use of sunflower oil in a baked good." Hee!

Mmmm...blackberries are all done here, but it was nice while they lasted. Not the picking part, with the heat, humidity, scratches and bug bites, but the yummy yummy free berries part :)