Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a major award!

Anyone else remember that line from "A Christmas Story"? I didn't get a leg lamp, but I got something oh so very exciting at the fair last week.

It all started with a letter. A letter that said, essentially, you've won an award, there's going to be a ceremony, here are some tickets and a parking pass, please come.

Oh, well, it's really not that difficult to get me to go to a fair. I love almost everything about them. And an award! What could it be? About my sweater? It must be, I thought. So Eric and I ditched the kids ("You've been to the fair," we reminded them. This is about me.)

Yes -- what I do not appreciate at the fair? Heat. Lots and lots and lots of heat. The previous visits were during an unseasonable cool snap, and it was actually kind of fun to be there. Even going on little rides wasn't bad, and as I mentioned before, the concert was all we could ask for.

Not this time. It was hot. I'd dressed as loosely as possible, and I was still melty.

So, we sit outside with a crowd, and sit through what felt like fifty sponsored awards. It was then I started to get suspicious. The fair applications are pages and pages long, and I do read my sections pretty carefully. The baked good section had a little asterisked comment that since the fair theme was "sunflowers," using sunflower seeds or oil could get you a special award.

I'd used sunflower seeds in my second-place bread.

Then they called my name, and I got to shake hands and get the special award envelope.

After posing for a picture by the crazed-looking fair photographer, Eric and I looked though my special award envelope.

Not a lamp. A letter, saying "Dear award winner, congratulations for winning a sponsored award for ___________" and in the space was handwritten "best use of sunflower seeds/oil in a baked good."

We just cracked up.

Then I went to visit the unawarded spinning and the sweater and we sweltered home again. Still, the worst day at the fair isn't that bad and soon I get my sweater back.

(I'll laugh more if I actually get any prize past a letter -- but I'm not holding my breath.)


turtlegirl76 said...

Hee! That's awesome and unexpected! I'm sure your sweater will be a winner though. A Kauni sweater won our fair last year. They love the color change and the judges don't seem to realize it's the yarn that does all that magic.

Caffeine Girl said...

LOL! That is pretty funny. And I still think you should have won something for that awesome sweater.

BTW, I'll be in Berkeley next week. Any knitting stores I should make sure I hit?

Susan said...

That is so hilarious! Best use of sunflower oil. Next time oil the sweater buttons. Well...your sweater gets my prize for only sweater ever to have made me want to knit something.

Kristin said...

You look too pretty, urban, and hip to be winning an award for sunflower seeds in bread.

It still must have felt nice to be acknowledged.