Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Catch-up

Things are moving so quickly now that spring is truly on us that keeping up with pictures is almost impossible. These overview shots are almost out of date, but this is the garden on April 1st.

Red kale going to seed, shelling peas over and half-pulled. Chard in one of the very small beds bolting. Potatoes planted (in the bed with the fork stuck in it), and tomatoes in the bed beyond that one. Shoddy neighbor's shed still the same, alas.

I've pulled most of the Danvers carrots near the bolting red kale. The tat soi seeds are almost ripe. I bought little envelopes if anyone wants seeds!

You can't see them all because of the bushes, but there are four beehives out there now. Two are nuc boxes, five frame temporary hives that are holding swarms. I think both of those are destined for other homes. It's been all bees, all the time here. I have something to do out there today and will be blogging that, of course.

Denise and I were just talking about what to plant where and when. I know I have a drawing somewhere, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make changes. Must pull it out and have a look. I started more paste tomatoes (San Marzano and Roma), some Genovese basil, Ground Control marigolds from Daphne, and some bush cucumbers today. The tomatoes are late, but I think it will just extend the fun.

Lunch today is carrot soup, fresh from the garden. Very simple, just butter, carrots, water, and shallots and shallot greens. Why would I pick my shallots green?

They decided to start bolting. I think the cold/hot/cold/hot temperature swings were just too much for them. I hope the rest hold.

I hope April is bringing lots of green to your garden!


Jan said...

Our weather's been cold/hot/cold/hot too, so that's probably why I've got bolting turnips, sprouts and cabbages! At least it's nice to know why.

Ribbit said...

I found my onions were bolting today as well! How sad for us both. At least you got some use out of yours. I pulled three pounds and won't be near to using all of them before they go bad.

Jeff Vandiver said...

My onions aren't bolting yet, and i'll just cut the seedheads off when they emerge. I'll try some tat soi! Oh, and I totally understand about things happening way too fast right now...sheesh.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Our weather has been very indecisive this spring. It looks like your garden is faring well though. Let us know how the soup turned out!

Erin said...

My stuff is bolting all over the place too! I still had leftover kales and chard and finally pulled them out today. My garlic is sending up scapes, yum! I hear they fetch big bucks at gourmet restaurants, so I'll use them in something for sure. Things are looking very green and lush there!

Daphne Gould said...

I love the overviews of the garden. I have always loved the look of a vegetable garden. Maybe it is all the different textures of green.

Unknown said...

Boy your garden is just bursting with growth. I too love the overview shots of the garden. I bet your carrot soup tasted good.

GP @ ABloominBlog said...

Your garden is so impressive! I'm just starting the gardening season and only at the cleanup stage after winter.

Lisa said...

Your peas are finished? Mine haven't even bloomed, and I'm only couple of miles away. What on earth am I doing wrong?

kitsapFG said...

I would love some of the tat soi seeds if you indeed have some to share.

So much happening in that overview picture. Really a study of a garden that is in all phases of the food production cycle all at the same time.

Carrots look beautiful and I hope the soup turned out yummy for you.

chaiselongue said...

I'm sure the tomatoes will catch up. The carrots look delicious. I can't believe you have all those hives in that space! It all looks great.

I was hoping our chard would bolt as it did last year and seeded itself all over the garden. We then moved the plants to a tidy row and we've been eating chard ever since!

Mr. H. said...

Just look at those fine carrots. Carrot soup sounds really good, I can't say I have ever tried it...perhaps I should.

Stefaneener said...

Jan, it's the only explanation I can think of.

Ribbit, could you freeze them, chopped? It ought to work.

EG, all I need is an address. I wonder if cutting off the shallot scapes would help.

CVF, I think we are finally heading toward real spring. The soup was very carroty -- a bit too sweet.

Erin, it's hard when things finally give up the ghost. I guess that's why we start the next season's vegetables ahead of time.

Daphne, me too. I'd rather visit a vegetable garden than most other kinds any day. They just tickle my aesthetic sense.

GrafixMuse, the rain has really pumped things up. The soup used up a lot of carrots!

GP, thanks. We don't really have a down time in this climate. It just rolls right 'round. It might be nice to have a real winter.

Lisa! Hi. We planted those shelling peas a long time ago, and they got racked with powdery mildew. The snow peas are in mid-stride, though. You are fine. Hey, how's the bees?

kitsapFG, you're on. There's going to be thousands of them. I'm checking them every day to see if they're ripe yet. I hadn't thought of your point, but because of our climate, you're right -- we are always beginning and ending at the same time. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming, but it's nice too.

chaiselongue, I can't believe I have all those hives! Five going hives are at least two too much for my comfort level. I hadn't thought about letting the chard go to seed; I've been feeding it to the chickens. I really don't like it enough, I think. I'll try that with the last few. We ate a bunch of the rainbow patch last night, and it was so pretty in the pan!

Mr. H, sometimes the simple soups are the best. This would have been improved with more vigorous blending (I used a handheld immersion blender, and it was chunky), and a dash of heavy cream. But it was certainly edible!

Lisa said...

I'm still bee-less. Taylor's split still isn't. And my so-called trap out may have just been some scout bees. So I've got two beautiful empty hives.

michelle said...

You've made good use of all your new beds, it looks so verdant. It is a crazy time of year in the garden, I love it!

Lisa said...

Whoo Hoo! I finally got to go out and experience a swarm. There's a colony in a telephone pole in the East Oakland hills that's thrown off three swarm this week!