Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catch and Release

There is real knitting going on here, partially because a new crop of babies is hatching all around me, it seems. One item is completely finished, but I haven't gotten pictures of it yet. One requires a zipper-sewing (and that baby is here), and one requires that I untangle the yarn so I can finish the socks to go with the hat. So you'll just have to trust me that I'm waving needles around. Oh, and spinning. Lots of spinning. On a spindle, no less. I'll show that eventually. When I find the bag with the spindle and fiber in it. . .

Knitting or no, I stepped away from my "no new yarn this year unless I'm traveling" vow long enough to go to a fellow Raveler's yard sale with my sister. Believe it or not, I actually exercised a bit of restraint. Note to self, do NOT take the youngest yarn shopping. I came home with some Baby Ull in shades I do not love.

The most recent pressing news is that the Ultimate season is in full swing. Last weekend was the States tournament. The kid played well, but more importantly, she played with total heart. The first day wasn't the best for her, she didn't get to play on the team she would have loved to play on, but you couldn't tell from watching her. She ran the entire time, despite heat, despite no feeling terrific, and she still had a big smile by the end of the weekend.

She was occasionally in just the right place, and the disc shot in, and she was there. Catching.

Only to release off to a teammate.

And sometimes the defenders are there, just the way you hope to be when on defense. It was a nice play, anyhow. And the joy of this sport is that there is always another play.

As far as I'm concerned, she's a champion (as was the upper-division team). Now it's on to Westerns, although I won't be able to go! I'll sit and knit and wait for the phone calls.

This parenting thing seems to be exercise after exercise in letting them go, launching them off, just when you might want to hold them a little closer. I wonder if the new baby parents are ready for this?

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allisonmariecat said...

She's so grown up! Yikes, I'm going to have one of those in several years. Hard to imagine.