Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekends away

Despite the sunny weather this past weekend, I didn't do much outside beyond pulling some weeds. The bees need seeing to, and I'd like to figure out what to put in an empty spot, but I was delighted to not be home, but instead I was lucky enough to watch the kids play.

Daughter had more fun than son, but neither was what you'd call "bad." Besides, he got snacks!

I do love gardening, but I have some tender shoots to nurture outside of it. I assume this won't last forever.


Jeff Vandiver said...

Watching the children grow is far more important than the garden. Before you know it, the opportunity is just "gone".

chaiselongue said...

Make the most of it while you can - so soon they'll be grown up and the garden will still be there! Mind you, I'm pleased that my grown-up children are always willing to do some digging in the garden when they visit!

Ribbit said...

They grow so fast, don't they. I love watching them interact with other kids as well.

Stefaneener said...

Thanks for the reminders. I agree.