Monday, January 31, 2011

All the fingers

But as of yet no thumbs.

With blocking, they'll be the same size, I assume. If I stay up after book club tonight (we're reading Kicked, Bitten and Scratched, a book I heartily recommend) and knit, I might get the thumbs done and perhaps the duplicate stitching.

Probably not.

However, since I knit about four total mittens this month, and almost have a pair done, I'm counting it good. Last night I began charting my next pair, and I can't wait to cast on for those.


Siga said...

These are cute. Are you in the 11mittensfor2011 challenge as well on Ravelry? If so, you're doing really well. I'm still on my 2nd pair. :)

Delana said...

Love your snail mittens! Just have a Thumb Thursday and you'll be able to wear them by the weekend! LOL