Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eye can't see well

I need to call the vet this week because it's time Mikey got some shots and other doggy things. But it seems I'm going to have to call the kid-vet too, since Benadryl isn't touching this one:

As a general rule, panic isn't my first reaction. It's still possible that this is a mosquito bite-type thing, but it's gone on for days, and it's getting worse rather than better, and it is uncomfortable. If it's not changed soon, we'll get it looked at.

About four more rows today -- that mitten is halfway done.


dutchkiwi said...

That could be a stye.. have you tried rubbing a gold ring (or other jewellery) over it?
Odd kind of cure I know, but I used to get them ALL the time as a kid and it's the one thing that worked, do it a few times a day and it will hopefully leave in a day or so.
Although wiki says that a cool compress works just as well.
Hope it clears up soon for you

Stefaneener said...

We're going to keep working on it at home, I think. Thanks for stopping by.