Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Every single time I walked past my wonderful, abundant, takes-what's-dished-out-and-keeps-producing lime tree for the past month, I've felt guilty. "Got to make marmalade," I'd mutter to myself, and then not do it.

Thank goodness for friends with agendas. I have one, and marmalade was on her agenda. She brought blood oranges, enthusiasm, sugar, and a willingness to do a fast dish turnaround. I brought limes and canning kettles.

We only made something like 7 or 8 pints of each type and didn't reduce lime mountain

too much.

If you look close, there's an intrepid mountaineer:

I'm going to have to give some limes away. I'm not preserving many, I don't think, although I might make another batch or two of the marmalade. I like it, although I'm not eating any sugar right now, it would make dynamite gifts (or cookie filling).

Denise came over with her little one. Remember newborn fuzzy ears? She is certainly as delicious as any marmalade.


Rachel said...

We cook a lot with lime juice. I like to just juice and zest them and then freeze both (not together though) for use when it's not citrus season.

Mr. H. said...

That's it, we are moving in next door so that I can barter for some of those fine fruits...lucky you. Enjoy that marmalade, it sounds really good. I like your mountaineer...round and round he goes.")

Stefaneener said...

Rachel, it's a great idea. I just forget how yummy lime juice is on fajitas and such. I just have lots of Meyer lemon juice in the freezer already. . . maybe it's time for sorbet for all!

Mr. H., you got it. I bet we'd be great neighbors but you would loathe living here in liberal city-land.

Just Jenn said...

If only I could have eggs - that pile would make divine lime curd! - Mmmmm!

esperanza said...

Ahhh! Congratulations to the whole family on Denise's healthy baby1