Saturday, March 11, 2006

Arrrrrrrrr. . .

. . . which is the punchline to my current favorite joke, or "What kind of movies do pirates like?"

Sewingsuzee asks where I've been, and no, I haven't been trying to protect my seedlings from frost (it was 41 degrees farenheit in the house last night -- woo hoo), but I have begun to protect them from birds, with the expensive netting I mentioned earlier. We actually saw the dastardly sparrows hopping around the ex-pea bed.

But the reason I haven't been posting is that I've been knitting frantically. And the good news is that I made this:

See the pretty eyelet leaf pattern? See the wavy side cables? Pretty yarn.

Here's the not-so-good news. Can you spot the reason I'm going to rip this cable down for the second freaking time? I can!

It's supposed to reverse directions every 20 rows, not whenever I misread said directions. Hence the pirate noise. I cannot understand how I can repeatedly make this sort of mistake.

The really good news is that the front, as knitted, weighs 88 grams according to my scale, and the rest of the ball weighs 339 grams. Probably enough to make a real, long-sleeved sweater.

Assuming that I can figure out the cable patterns. I might be done by September.


sewingsuzee said...

You know, back when, I couldn't understand why you fussed over things like that, ripping cables and everything.

Now, as much as I'd like to tell you to ignore that renegade cable, I have to say I'd rip it, too. :-(

But it's beautiful, wonderful! And I'm so glad you'll have enough yarn!

And I don't get the pirate line...color me clueless.

Rain said...

I mess up cables all the time so you're not alone. If it were the back, I'd say leave it, but if it's going to drive you mad then fix it.

It's great that you've got enough yarn.

Stefaneener said...

"Arrrrrrr"-rated movies?

K said...

Ya know - cables aren't s'posed to switch directions! They are supposed to quietly go along the same way so that you can mindlessly knit them. LOL

But it's looking gorgeous! and yahoo for enough yarn!

aurora said...

I'm in the fix it camp. I have left mistakes before, and felt yuuuky about it.

Little sparrow sods, eating your peas! 41 F in the house is cold, right? Probably colder than it gets here, ever :-P