Friday, March 31, 2006

Sing out, WIP it out

Rain, rain, rain, but the homeschoolers still get together to play and knit. We really know how to have fun while the children romp out some of that energy. Here's two of my friends discussing important things while knitting.

One project is a felted iris, the other a hat to match seven or eight others she's churned out for kids in the group. Thing 2 has her very own, in pink and purple.

The phone rang late last night, and a friend from the homeschooling group identified herself.

"You do remember that you have tickets for 10:30 tomorrow morning, right?" she asked.

"Uuuuuhhhh, no. Just how many tickets do I have?" I asked. I was panicking because I hadn't made any childcare arrangements.


"Does Thing 4 need a ticket?"


"Well, in that case, I do remember, of course I do. We'll be there!"

So, we drove through some miserable weather to go here:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo is still an amazing show. A good time was had by nearly everyone, despite the hordes of screaming schoolchildren. We are fortunate in that we can take advantage of special school concerts without the attendant riding on busses or dealing with other peoples' children. Our adult-child ratio for outings hovers near 1:1.5. (My family skews this a bit, but we're talking average here.)

And, while they're not done, the sleeves did get to go and participate:

Sorry for the rotten picture. I was trying to avoid detection. These puppies have a rhythm all their own (knit, purl, knit, purl . . .) and despite all evidence to the contrary I maintain that I'm going to finish them one day.

In that spirit, here's my WIP it out group. It's not half as bad as I'd expected. Maybe I'm good at frogging things that aren't working, or maybe I've been finishing more than I had thought. On the other hand, I'm finding out where some of my needles and notions have disappeared to:

These are the ones I call "The Anniversary Socks." Once, long ago (two or so children ago, if I recall correctly), my husband and I got away for a weekend, with the help of my relatives. We went to Saint Helena, and spent a night at a winery/inn. The next day, we shopped after breakfast and fell into a yarn store. Since he doesn't want anything wool, I found a some cotton mix sock yarn, and decided to try. I don't think he'll eventually like them, but he'll give it a decent effort. If he doesn't like them, I'll get them. (Maybe that's why I'm making them a tad small.) They remind me of candy, and I think this is my effort at 2 socks at one time.

I started this sweater, the Under the Sea Pullover, when Thing 2 was a wee babe. I got the kit at my first Stitches West, when they still had it at the Oakland Convention Center. I loved the look of this sweater; I still do. Last May, almost a year ago, I decided I'd finish them on a family vacation. So I tore into the sleeve. After finishing one and beginning another one, I discovered I'd used the wrong white yarn to do the little arm checks on the first. Took all of the wind right out of my sails. With a bit of perspective now, I think I may complete the second one soon and then decide if I should rip out the first one. At least one Thing ought to be able to wear it!

Once upon a time, about the end of the first year of knitting, I decided that I was ready for "some color work." This is Vail, Dale of Norway's 1999 commemorative sweater. I changed the pattern so I could do it in the round, got to the color work and for some reason flamed out. Now I'm not 100% sure I want it, but I'm not ready to frog and steam it yet.

The floats aren't a thing of beauty (I don't think I knew about consistency in stranding yet), but they're not the train wreck they could have been.

I am not actually counting the that mate to the missing yellow sock or the orange vest, which has gone off on its own again. I'm not sure where I should look this time. I'm sure I'll find it when I'm ready to work on it. Trust me, it's not any bigger than it was the last time I lost it.


Elspeth said...

I love the Sockotta socks! You're brave to do all that colorwork -- I haven't tried it yet myself. Thanks for sharing your WIPs!

jen said...

You got so far on the little ocean sweater! May I encourage you to cast away (hee hee) any cares about the wrong shade of white? If both sleeves are slightly off, it will look intentional, I promise!

bfmomma said...

ooh... ladysmith black mambazo... I'm jealous!

And wow! on all of your WIP's... I know that if I were a "real" knitter I'd have UFO's all over the place, but I can't stand to NOT finish a project. I ripped out two UFO's when I was sorting yarn and right now I'm only working on one project... (socks for my mom, so I can't post pics on my blog...)

Again, your handiwork amazes and impresses me. Thank you (and Suzee) for getting me hooked back on knitting.

String Bean said...

I always feel guilty if I don't finish what I've started. Finish finish finish! You can do it!

Rain said...

It sounds like a great show, they sound fantastic.

Your socks look great, the yarn is gorgeous.

Get that sweater finished! The difference in the whites doesn't show in the photos and if both sleeves are the same then it will look fine. It would be a shame not to finish it after you've done so much.

Emma said...

I love the fishy baby sweater! Here is some more energy for you - bzzt bzzt - you go finish it!

sewingsuzee said...

You're a wonder. I had no idea you had so many demonstrations of your talent hidden away.

I agree with the other commentors...get 'em finished so the world can admire them!

(But finish the green sweater first.)