Monday, March 6, 2006

Knittin' and Rippin'

Because at this point I'd rather blog than knit, here I am. I have been knittin' and rippin' the same 15-20 rows of this sweater for, oh, now three, four days? I think I am at the point where I'm goin' to have to either chart out the wavin' cable or rewrite it as Cable A and Cable B because I'm messin' it up in new ways over and over and over.

Needless to say, no pictures. I'm feelin' Very Grumpy.

Plus, it's raining. I spent $100 freakin' dollars at Home Depot buyin' bird nettin' and PVC pipe to keep the horrid little birdies from beheadin' every single seedling that has the temerity to pop its head up in the garden.

Why no "g"s today? Because of my new guilty pleasure: professional bull riding. My spouse stumbled on it the other night and I've been completely hooked. Rob Smets injured? I know about it. I'm learnin' the names of the top bulls -- how can anyone not feel interested in giant animals with names like Cat Man Do, Yellow Jacket, Pasture Master, and Spin Doctor? Tiny 18 year old cowboys who get spun across arenas in front of shriekin' fans, men who in their mid-30s should know better, limpin' away from just one more ride. Horribly addictin'.

Oddly enough, I'm a bleedin' heart liberal from way back. Hug trees, don't eat meat, etc. etc. But somethin' about this. . . I'm just lost. Maybe when I work out the twists on my cables, I can work out the kinks in my tv viewin'.


Rain said...

There's nothing worse tahn redoing something time and time again. Hope you get it sorted out.

sewingsuzee said...

Bull riding? Seriously?

You are truly the most interesting person I know.

So share some links!

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Yes! Cowboys ROCK!! We have horses, but they're racing thoroughbreds, and so no cowboys, just little bitty jockey guys. But we love the cowboys. And the "new" country music. And your knitting. Someday someone's gonna call me on the fact that there are ZERO sweaters in my FO list. Or even my started objects list...dang.

Hoping you get some sunshine soon! Be well!

aurora said...

Wow, I love your blog!

(It hails here all the freaking time. I feel your pain). Your garden will be gorgeous when it's finished :-)

Growl boo hiss at the cable pattern that won't behave. I like the lace pattern in the necklet, even though it gave you grief. I can't use charts for lace and cables - I get confused and knit the same rows over and over. So if you can read a cable chart, I bow to you!

A said...

Bull riding, eh? I really don't know what to say about that.

So, since this post didn't really move me in the direction of trying my first cables, how about if you tell me the easiest possible cables I could do, as a starter project? I'll knit some dishcloths, because after these socks I think that's about as much of a project as I can handle.

sewingsuzee said...

Shooooee, A. Pardner, a basic cable is jest as easy as kin be. (Tryin' to wrat this in a language Stefanayner kin understand!)

K said...

LUUUUURVE bull riding! (to watch that is! LOL

The latest sport we (me & hub) are doing is Mounted cowboy shooting. It's fun to do and fun to watch - not on TV much though.

That green sweater is gonna be gorgeous - just take a deep breath and pause during those 8-second rides.