Saturday, March 4, 2006

Sweet Days

Every once in a while, a family member or friend will reveal some heretofore unsuspected side to them. For instance, my spouse told me once that he actually liked -- to the point that he wanted one -- the '69 Camaro SS396. Muscle cars weren't anything that I expected from him, and it kind of made him even more attractive -- he could suprise me still.

Today (I hope) I suprised my middle children by fashioning a full set of armor, shield, helm, and sword out of cardboard and duct tape. [I have pictures but have misplace my camera cord. I'm not feeling overly organized right now.]

My spouse says my newfound interest in professional bull riding surprises him. Truth be told, it surprises me a bit, too. Generally I watch no television. I'm just too busy and usually have better things to do. The other night, though, we stumbled across some on the "Outdoor Living Network"

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