Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Every week, my Early English Literature students have a short paper due -- 300-500 words.

Critical Analysis Assignment 3

(1.) Compare and Contrast the allegories of Everyman and Piers Plowman. Which one is easier to interpret? What criticism do they make of Medieval English society (if they do)? Do they both seem to view salvation in the same way? Explain your answer. Which one is easier to interpret? To me, it would be easier to contrast when interpreting this material, because of the humorous brightness, the laughter, and the light setting of this story. It was also; esteem to know that at this time, (year) that it was outstanding in those days. I am not sure and I could be wrong, but I did not fine any information stating if Medieval English made any criticism in society. I also, could be wrong about my first response to the question, but it was just what I thought.

(2.) How do you assess Margery Kempe’s personality as her book presents it? Give specific examples to argue for your view of her Character traits. Do you think it is falsifies our view of her personality if we only have excerpts from her book? I am not sure about my answer that I am about to give, but I goggled this information and this is what I found. It said that her personality was express through her spirituality and her body. Yes, I think it was false because it does not make any sense.

Troy, you said you wanted feedback for improvement. Okay, here goes. First off, how many times have I asked, through announcements, reminders, comments on papers, that you only answer one prompt? So first, do the minimum of doing what you’re asked.

Second. I know this doesn’t seem to have any connection to the rest of your life, and here’s a big tip – it doesn’t matter. Just do the work – and that DOES have a lot of connection to the rest of your life.

So, let’s say you were going to write about the second one. First, do not use Google to find your answer. First, read the material. Do you understand all the words? If not, use a dictionary to look them up. Do you understand the story? Read all of the supporting material in the Norton book. Do you understand the paper prompt? It tells you to use her writing to assess her personality. Does it matter that she didn’t write her book herself? Why or why not?

So your job is to say to yourself, “Hmmm. What would I think of a person like this, if all I had was this writing?” Then – and here’s the exciting part – you outline your ARGUMENT, supporting it with quotes FROM THE READING, and you WRITE AN ESSAY with paragraphs that make sense and flow from one to another and make an argument.

Say you think she’ nuts. So you make that argument, support it with evidence, and turn it in. When you do that, I’ll be able to give you feedback on what you’ve actually written, instead of telling you what you should have done. I’m happy to answer questions that are real – asked ahead of time, asked about the reading or the assignment, but I’m not throwing feedback into the void.

I’m not going to spend another one of my precious work minutes on work that shows such lack of effort.

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