Friday, January 18, 2008

Yarn finds a way

Actual fiber things have been happening here.

Not, of course, as much as I would like, life having sped up most distressingly. In fact, as I look at my weekly calendar, I see that there isn't a lot of room left in my cleaning, cooking, driving, and working duties for things like "working out" and "knitting" and "spinning." Fortunately, I have managed to slip in some "lying in the bath reading dopey mysteries" as well as some "wandering around sipping tea." But those aren't as exciting to photograph -- like I would put a picture of me in the tub on my blog.

Some navajo-plied silk, in the Lake Berryessa colorway from Lambtown.

Even closer (and I think wet-blocking silk is probably not a good idea, since it's now a tiny bit fuzzy. Advice, anyone?):

I lost the wire yarn guide for my spinning wheel, and discovered that while wiring one's wedding ring to the flyer with a twist-tie does work in a pinch, having the part would work much better. And wouldn't you know it? A sock's worth of Finn top jumped in my online shopping cart when I bought a new one from The Woolery.

Thing 3 really will get a sweater this year:

I discovered this morning that I'm 2 1/4 stripes from finishing that sleeve. Striped sweaters are the salvation of the countingly-challenged. But I'd better order a couple more balls of the Cashmerino Aran so I can make the requested hood. Boring pattern, but butter-soft.

I think spouse and I are going to start getting up earlier over the weekend so by Monday I'll replace some of my "sleep" with "exercise." Even though I'll be tired, I like me much better when I remember to move the bod! Maybe it will free up some time for knitting, too.


Robin said...

Waking up early is the only way I can fit exercise in. Lately I've been having a hard time getting up in the morning though!

Charity said...

I'm impressed with the Navajo plying, it still seems scary to me. :0)

I'm trying to get up earlier to fit in a bit of yoga a couple of times a week, but it's still a bit of a struggle!

Kate said...

Awesome. I haven't dared take up spinning, because knitting has already absconded with large chunks of my life and that would only further enable... but so pretty.

suzee said...

Oooooo, that T3 sweater looks yummy. All the more so thinking of cashmerino stripes.

I'll be gym-bound this weekend. LMK if you want some company! As much as I like the Kinks and Cake at 5.8mph, talk makes the time go faster.

Tamami said...

Beautiful yarn! Can't wait to see what this turns into. I too struggle to find the time to exercise. I just wish I could knit while on the treadmill.

amanda j said...

All lovely! I got up earlier today and exercised! What a strange coincidence on the other side of the world!

allisonmariecat said...

Lovely fiber goodness! I count running up and down the stairs carrying a 22-pound baby as my exercise program. And also grocery shopping. In the pre-baby days, I used to get up and have my hour of video yoga time. Sigh...

I had to chuckle at the reading dopey mysteries in the bath, as this is one of my de-stressing activities!