Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arbor therapy

Well, after the yogus interruptus this morning, we decided to get everyone out into the woods, as the unpleasant heat has lessened.

So our church was wandering straight uphill in one of the regional parks. We missed the redwood area, but ended up in an oak wood.

My kids haven't yet figured out that complaining about things doesn't make the unpleasant go away, but I kept telling them they'd appreciate it later. The withheld bag of coffeeshop treats was the carrot all the way uphill.

While my cries of "Look! Natural beauty!" and "We're so high up!" weren't much help in turning the grouchies around, finding a spreading, huge live oak tree to scramble up and around was the real turning point. There's something about climbing that just does it for my brood. On the drive both ways, my spouse volunteered to drive so I could get the heel done on my last sock. It's only four rounds before the gussets are done, and I know how fast the rest goes.

They weren't perfect on the way down, but they were better, and we saw one of these, and I even correctly identified it! Whoopie for nature guides. Plus, the name "California Sister" just cracks me up. I have one of those. . .

Now I get the fun of marshaling the forces for a quick houseclean and laundry sort, and I'm going to reward the helpful with ice cream, leaving the uncooperative at home to ponder the wisdom of being on the spot the next time it's a choice between doing what you're asked and doing what you want at the moment. The joy of duty, indeed.

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allisonmariecat said...

Ooh, pretty!

Haha, I have a climber. She's started scaling her high chair unassisted. My heart has stopped about 82 times since she started climbing.