Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year

. . . Ultimate time!! The high school season is slowly beginning, despite record low temperatures. The two younger kids and I  may never warm up after watching three games in a row.

But it was wicked fun.

The team even did my two favorite cheers. I love the intensity and fun the kids bring to the game -- "Eat the babies!"

And, you know,  as an almost-50 year old woman, I don't often think to myself, "I wish I could trade bodies with a 17 year old for. . . just a couple of hours," but when I do, it's during Frisbee games.

They fly.

And when they fling themselves on the ground, as they did repeatedly during the second game? (I would have bet good money they were just messing with us at that point.) They bounce right back up and do wonderful things.

My second girl can throw on a hard mark.

But she was a little winded. I had to laugh when I saw that after a terrifically long point, with many turns, she was taking breaks bent in half with her hands on her knees, a position I know very well from my own forays into running around.

After one long series, she staggered off the field and collapsed. This was just before she pathetically asked me to throw her a Gatorade. . .

I love this sport. I love to play, I love to watch, I love the kids, I love the coaches, I love the other parents.

I do not love the cold. Fortunately it's supposed to get a little better after tomorrow.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everyone everywhere else has it worse than we do. But for me, and where I am? I'm cold. Brrrrr.

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