Friday, August 15, 2008


It's not quite as bad as a television reality show, but I'm still in my robe, still on my bed (I did muster the gumption to make it), and the kids are foraging for their own breakfast.

They were rotten at bedtime last night, and this morning I read both papers in bed, and got the opportunity to read editorials out loud to the mister. I love that. Then I decided to start working without moving and only got up to make tea. It could be worse. I could be blogging, or reading updates of soap operas, I guess.

I'm not going to ignore them all day. Just get my work done, jump rope, shower, and then I'll finish cleaning the house, inside and out, for our guests tonight. I'm so excited about seeing these folks. One of the guys is a spinner, so I hope to get some tips on spinning thicker singles. Seems as I get thin down, I lose the capacity for thick. Sigh.

No photos today, for obvious reasons.


allisonmariecat said...

Now, if you had curlers in your hair and had an overflowing ashtray next to the bed, I'd be concerned. But your day just sounds awesome.

Tammy said...

Must be one of those days. I was in PJ's until after 11 myself. My hope was to watch the gymnastics in bed this morning before anyone or anything could spoil it for me, but the winners were sitting there with their medals the minute I turned on the TV. Ugh.

suzee said...

Shoot, that sounds like a good parenting day to me! The wee ones are learning to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Enjoy the company!