Saturday, August 2, 2008


Not very exciting yarn, too fuzzy and too uneven. I didn't even like the dye job, although I found the crabapple blossoms that inspired it took me out of myself in a way that didn't happen a lot last year. Trying to spin a thicker yarn was tough. Generally that means that more practice is in order!

When I gave that measly 45 yards of yarn to a knitting friend, she squealed, "I'll make you something out of it!" I laughed. She's very busy -- she teaches classes, she homeschools, she's involved with her extended family and she's beloved by the little folks in our group.

Imagine my surprise on Thursday when she reached into her bag and handed me this:

The button just makes the little clutch. I think I'm going to tuck it into my notions box and see what it wants to hold, or to whom it wants to go.

And here at home, this roving

Became these singles.

1.4 ounces of BFL in the Sirius colorway from Girl on the Rocks. I'm hoping to get the other thirds spun up before my fingers forget the feel of the first single. Consistency isn't easy for me, but I'd like to make yarn I like enough to knit into socks. And I do love the BFL!

Maybe I'll use spinning as a treat to reward myself if/when I finally get my classes all caught up. Only three more weeks for this session -- I have knitting and spinning to attend to, and paid work is getting firmly in the way. Sheesh.


Charity said...

Wow! I love the little bag, so sweet! :0)

The spinning is awesome - I'm so longing to get back to my wheel, and so far, it's just not happening. Sigh.

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, what a cute bag! 'Silk purse' and 'sow's ear' analogies abound since you didn't like the yarn.

I love the blue and gold! Gorgeous.

String Bean said...

You're spinning looks great - I have eyes for nothing else!