Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Better now

Whatever blackness woke me up yesterday has receded. Thank you to everyone who asked and offered help and good thoughts about it. I don't believe for a minute that whatever prompted it will never come again, but I'm trying to stay well within the moment and not worry about it. I slept some in the early afternoon -- well, I rested while an almost-3 year old climbed all over me and said, "I'm not making noise. I'm not moving around." She's in the "say it and it is true" age.

Maybe I'll try that!

Today she woke me early and I've gotten an awful lot accomplished as a result.

And . . . the camera has decided to spontaneously fix itself (who knows how long it will last) so I can show you some of the delightful things going on here. Whoopie!

I assure you that this isn't a totally representative picture of either the lovely yarn and sock or of my leg. Do you think the phrase "well-turned ankle" comes from wood turning? It's been bothering me lately, not knowing the origin, that is.

I hope to have the first one completed today.

New home for the bees

and another helper for next time:

There is much to rejoice in, even when things feel bleak inside.


Tammy said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Charity said...

Glad you're feeling hopeful today! My almost 3 year old is at the same place (and also woke me early this morning, sigh). Fun, eh? :0)

LOVE the way the sock is looking! It so makes me want to cast on for this pattern!

Kate said...

I'm glad that cloud is receding... makes the word "recession" not seem always so terrible, huh?

Random free-floating anxiety just happens once in a while, comes with no good reason and fades with no clear action. I hope it stays away for a good long time now.

Take care...

cpurl17 said...

I am glad you're feeling better today!

I tried to find the origin of a "well turned ankle" but had not luck. Now it's going to bother me too!

allisonmariecat said...

So happy to hear you're doing better.

Something plausible re: well-turned I found on the internet: The underlying metaphor here is of turning wood on a lathe to shape it, e.g. into chairlegs.

It's from this neat site (well, neat if you're a language nerd like me: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/index.html

Love the sock, incidentally.

suzee said...

I love your photos almost as much as your prose.

Glad your head is on the mend.