Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not quite a thousand words

But no pictures available. Camera has started making the "chunk chunk" noise which means the driver for the lens is malfunctioning. I'm not sure if it's worth getting a repair quote or not.

So, no pictures, but I'm doing the heel on my first embossed leaves sock.

Thank you everyone for the kind words about our CD thief. I'm sorry about it, wish I'd been more vigilant, but my life is so blessed that it's just a glitch.

I was thinking about things as I ran this morning -- actually I was trying not to think, if by "think" I mean, "pay attention to the screeching monkeys living in my head." But I was musing. The messages coming to me from all over seem the same one, when distilled. Be in the moment. Take your time. Breathe. Be gratitude. You are enough, life is full.

So I ran on, one foot after another, and realized that life is just like that. One foot after another.

Then I heard a seagull kind of ran across a puddle. Did you know it makes splashing noises just like a little kid? Made me smile very big as I went along.


suzee said...

You're just marvelous, such an inspiration. When I had little ones about I could not think a single coherent thought, ever, and here you are thinking about gratitude and appreciating seagull feet.

Sorry I wasn't the best conversationalist with you, was a fractured kind of event and I felt butterflyish. Nice our spouses went, eh?

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, not the "chunk chunk" noise! (That's not the same as the "chunk chunk" noise on Law & Order, right? Okay, dumb joke, sorry :) Yay on Embossed Leaves sock! I'm picturing your heel right now, and I must say, it's lovely!

I have to remember to take stock in a positive way more often. Granted, it's hard to remember to do anything, including put on socks, in a sleep-deprived fog, but when I actually remember to be appreciative, I feel the tension leave my shoulders and a delightful peace creeps in. Thank you for the reminder :)