Saturday, May 17, 2008


That was this morning's run. 35 minutes and 3.3 miles.

I don't do distance checks, I just run out halfway to my time goal, then turn around and come home (or this morning, to the coffee shop to bring some home).

But using Google maps, I plotted out my boring street course today, and that's what it was.

My neighbor down the street wants me to run a 5k in July. Ha! She promises that bringing our sons will virtually guarantee that we won't have to finish, but I was wondering if I had it in me. Apparently I do, but not fast. Maybe it will work. Who knows?

I broke down today and bought another skein of the missing purple yarn to restart the still-missing mitten. In the mean time, did I knit sleeves for Cobblestone, either together or separately?

I did not.

Right now I'm blaming the heat, but that wasn't it. It was these.

From the same Interweave Knits with the Pearl Buck Swing jacket pattern. I just kept seeing them. Granted, I've started them in Knit Pick's Gloss (Pumpkin) and ripped them three times, but I think now I can do it.

I may even bring them kayaking tomorrow.


Charity said...

Go, girl, go! I love the running you're doing, it's really inspiring me to get running myself (in a few more months). :0)

I'm enamoured by those socks, too. I'd love to see them in pumpkin!

turtlegirl76 said...

Do it with me! Let's both run a 5K in July! That's my goal!

allisonmariecat said...

Woo woo! You rock! I bet you can do the 5K. I know you can.

I've just been walking around our hilly community (if we got snow, you could totally do downhill on some of our streets), pushing Lilah in the stroller, so I find your running very inspiring. My next exercise step is to do yoga with Lilah--I got a book that does animal poses for kids.