Monday, April 13, 2009

6 mph

That's how fast I'm running, which, while slow, is back to my pre-fall sickness speed and distance.


If only I knit that fast, I'd have new bands on the Kauni cardigan, instead of having no bands at all.

My time, these days, is spent on other things. I'm halfway through sewing a shirt for Caterina, and this morning I cleaned and inventoried the refrigerator and freezer, and am halfway through the cabinets. My shopping list is going to be slim today, because I have enough for a few meals. Then there's the weekly bread to make, and I'm doing a lot of gardening.

So that's it. Any of you have spring fever?


allisonmariecat said...

If I could find the time and energy to do all the spring cleaning projects in my head, my house would be sparkling. However, it's a little at a time, and some tasks are getting done. I always want to do the time-intensive, less-visible tasks (like reorganizing the laundry room cabinets), but I'm trying to stick to more visible changes because they make me happy :)

esperanza said...

Spring fever indeed! I have been clearing beds,building livestock housing, and working on the beehive-fitting it in with all the other actual life stuff. But the time is now.