Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lessons Learned

1. Don't put an egg in your pocket and tell yourself to "pay attention," then decide that you need to rearrange the large, heavy earthquake kit trash cans. You'll go inside with one fewer eggs than you collected.

2. No, I really don't want to plant things in actual rain. I'll do it if it is necessary, but it's not. Not today, at least.

3. Wandering around in the garden doesn't actually make things grow faster.

4. Clipping the chicken's wings might in fact be necessary to keep them from scratching up the hay and anything growing near it.

5. Rain does make the garden prettier, though. Now as well as later.

6. It's getting worse. I'm dreaming about gardens and how to get more beds prepared on the farm that I apparently live on in my unconscious mind.


Susan said...

Great photos! I just love the way water beads on kale leaves.

Kristin said...

Yes, I agree beautiful up close photos. I'm glad you decided to take pictures instead of plant more plants in the rain.