Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, Deary Me

Just realized I'm supposed to be part of a symposium on growing local food on Saturday. I suppose I can talk about how I got a whole pound and a half of snowpeas out of my garden. . . how's that for local (but possibly not very impressive)?

I think I'd feel better with a bit more preparation. So today after I grade, that's what I'll work on. Sheesh.

Generally, I'm really happy to speak in public, but I prefer to feel as though I have some clue about my subject.


allisonmariecat said...

Well, I'm impressed about the snowpeas.

Next year, I'm getting plants at the local nursery. Seeds grow so SLOWLY. And I tweaked my back leaning over to stare at the tiny, tiny sprouts on the ground...

beadlizard said...

If you want to bounce your speech off me, we can email, skype or phone. I can't make it up to Alameda this weekend but the topic is one I truly know. --Syl